Weekly meetining 18 Feb


Date: 2019-02-18
Participants: Bruno, Janina, Nick, Tilmann, Sebastian

1. Last week review

write down some words or a paragraph about stuff you did related to the project

  • reviewed, reworked and merged place conversations/subscriptions (Tilmann, Nick)
  • talked about how to progress with conflict resolution and make some steps forward (Janina, Nick, Tilmann)
  • talks about how to implement place generalization (Nick, Tilmann)
  • refactor Karrot loading behavior to make it more robust and give it a more responsive feeling: https://github.com/yunity/karrot-frontend/pull/1300 (Tilmann)
  • reviewed Swedish translation (Bruno)
  • checked out new features on dev.karrot and gave some feedback (Bruno)
  • usability test (Bruno)
  • discussed and planned ideas for the project and website (Bruno, Sebastian)
  • continued discussion on Karrot with bike kitchen about their volunteer course (Sebastian)
  • transcribed one more usability test (Janina)
  • Sent constitution to Tilmann/Janina for feedback (Nick) - or maybe that was last week already?

2. Up this week

write down what you want to do for the project in the next 7 days

  • usability test with a Bike Kitchen enthusiast that never seen Karrot (Bruno, Sebastian)
  • talk to Digidem’s accountant to check administrative costs and plan payments (Bruno)
  • continue with conflict resolution… (Tilmann)
  • make place wall easier to recognize (Tilmann)
  • read more usability tests and derive some actions points from them (Tilmann, Bruno, Janina, Nick)
  • write forum post about place subscriptions, 2nd try (Tilmann)
  • discuss constitution internally, then publish for wider feedback (Nick, Tilmann, Janina)
  • write-up UI thoughts/concept in forum (Nick)
  • transcribe one more usability test (Janina)

3. Discussion

project-related topics that you’d like to discuss with other participants. Positions and outcomes should be noted down during the meeting

  • any wishes on feedback or stuff to ask at tests? (Bruno)
    • Janina: do we show people how to do stuff when they get stuck?
  • ideas about generalization (Bruno is curious)
    • Nick and/or Tilmann will do a writeup on the technical side
    • Tilmann: some dreaming could be helpful to guide our database design