Weekly meeting 28 Jan


Date: 2019-01-28
Participants: Bruno, Nick, Janina, Tilmann, Sebastian (later)

1 . Last week review

write down some words or a paragraph about stuff you did related to the project

  • Write 3 month review and setting up a voting on feature proposals (Tilmann)
  • three other posts in the community forum, nice to have some activity there! (Tilmann)
  • Implement store wall prototype (Tilmann)
  • Try out translation migrations - rename translation keys but keeping the translated content (Tilmann)
  • One usability test (Bruno, Sebastian)
  • Reach out to people for more tests (Bruno)
  • Translation to Swedish, review pending (Bruno)
  • Discussed the possibility of teaching Karrot at bike chef course at the Bike Kitchen (Sebastian)
  • Got initial date end times merged and deployed (Nick)
  • very early draft of constitution, can share, but maybe better to improve it a leeetle bit more (Nick) - needed a bit more brain inspiration, which I did not quite have when I sat down to work on it

2. Up this week

write down what you want to do for the project in the next 7 days

  • Roadmap planning session on Wednesday
  • Think about store subscriptions, play more with store wall (Tilmann)
  • Continue with conflict resolution feature (Janina, Tilmann)
  • More usability tests (Bruno, Sebastian)
  • Review translation (Bruno)
  • Collect general and specific feedback on Karrot, from Solikyl and Bike Kitchen users, including on store subscriptions/conversations (Bruno)
  • Write down proposals for improvement based on test results so far (Bruno)
  • Write down more about the Bike Kitchen and how they’d use Karrot (Bruno)
  • Figure out when the next board meeting for the Bike Kitchen is and try to join it (Sebastian)
  • Start asking the BK about the course (Sebastian)
  • get the rename store to place merged (Nick) - again! the house is busy lately…
  • implement pickup “done” field in backend (in prep for future frontend button) (Nick)
  • perhaps progress the discussion topic about theming (Nick)
  • progress the constitution, and share a draft for feedback (Nick)

3. Discussion

project-related topics that you’d like to discuss with other participants. Positions and outcomes should be noted down during the meeting

  • User stories regarding store subscriptions/conversations? I have a vague idea what it’s about, but some more input could be helpful (Tilmann)
    • example: “I want to only receive notifications about stores I’m interested in”
  • How to improve notifications in general
  • When does it make sense to invoice(s)? And are multiple time periods better? (Nick)