Weekly meeting 25 Feb


Date: 2019-02-25
Participants: Bruno, Janina, Tilmann, Nick, Sebastian (later)

1. Last week review

write down some words or a paragraph about stuff you did related to the project

  • Usability test with someone seeing Karrot for the first time (Sebastian)
  • started writing a text about a vision for Karrot, it becoming a multisharing platform and the use cases it can support (Bruno)
  • some small bug hunting, not much more (Bruno)
  • bought train tickets to Leipzig on the 09/04 (Bruno)
  • Chatted about the draft Karrot constitution https://pad.disroot.org/p/draft-karrot-constitution (Nick, Janina, Tilmann)
  • Was occupied with foodsharing.de hackweek (Nick, Janina)
  • Refined sidebar layout for conflict resolution feature (Tilmann)
  • Incorporated feedback about place wall, not pushed yet (Tilmann)
  • Went through 3 usability tests and extracted some topics https://pad.disroot.org/p/karrot-usability-feedback (Tilmann)

2. Up this week

write down what you want to do for the project in the next 7 days

  • finish the text, share with you all and maybe make it into a blog post (Bruno)
  • improve place wall further (Tilmann)
  • deploy to production (Tilmann, Nick)
  • release first version of conflict resolution to dev.karrot.world (Tilmann, Janina)
  • go through more usability tests and extract topics (Tilmann, Janina)
  • write down possible solutions for the above (Bruno)
  • transcribe more usability tests (Janina)
  • do more constitution stuff to think about the “bürocratic” parts especially (Nick, Tilmann, Janina)
  • check out draft constitution and give feedback (Bruno)
  • hunt down BK volunteers for volunteer course (Sebastian)

3. Discussion

project-related topics that you’d like to discuss with other participants. Positions and outcomes should be noted down during the meeting

  • solutions for usability test extracted points, how to progress? (Janina)