Weekly meeting - 21 jan


Date: 2019-01-21
Participants: Bruno, Nick, Janina, Tilmann, Sebastian (later, text only)

  1. Last week review
  • group picture upload (Tilmann, cstefanj)
  • continued work on conflict resolution & voting feature (Tilmann, Tais, Janina, Nick)
  • usability testing - https://cloud.disroot.org/s/PYBP5B6oYHk2HNe (Bruno, Sebastian)
  • some experimental customization fiddling (Nick)
  • initial work adding end times to pickups (Nick)
  • creating a euro accepting bank account in case it’s useful :slight_smile: (Nick)
  • had a chat with Doug (author of kanthaus constitution) about writing a karrot co-op constitution (Nick)
  1. Up next week
  • do at least 2 more (preferably 3) tests. Start compiling from the tests what I perceive is not user-friendly, along with suggestions for improvements. Start translating (Bruno)
  • get the initial work on end times merged (Nick)
  • get the rename store to place merged (Nick)
  • draft a very basic co-op constitution (Nick, Tilmann)
  • continue on conflict resolution (Tilmann, Janina, Tais)
  • review and merge stuff (Tilmann)
  • transcriptions of usability tests (Janina)
  1. Discussion
  • Understand what is customizable within Karrot as it is without loosing its main purpose. (Bruno)
  • Nick: Karrot needs to understand the purpose it’s being used for to be useful, so it needs to know whether it’s used for food saving or bike kitchen. Could have a concept of “modules” in the future.
  • Identify the core use cases of Karrot in the bike kitchen (Sebastian)
    Nick: a good task for the next days
  • What is the “breaking point” of starting a parallel deployment, to start experimenting with a new concept for the tool (for the bike kitchen project and for multisharing purposes). (Bruno)
  • Budget: we seem to agree on the coop, so we put the money there. How do we define how much we pay out individually while working these months, still on the basis of expressed needs? (Bruno)
    Janina: no need to pay out Karrot money right now, but keep it in the Karrot fund.
    Bruno needs to check if there’s a deadline for how long the money can sit around at Digidem’s account
    nick: I am assuming your bike kitchen money will be handled independently and can cover costs of the bike kitchen specific people? as for karrot money, I think no immediate needs here(?)
    Tilmann: yeah, no immediate needs, could put all money into the virtual “Karrot fund”, invoiced by Nick, Bruno and Tilmann? We should create a file that states the amount the fund has, I guess everything else depends on the Karrot co-op constitution that Nick wants to draft