Weekly meeting 11 March


Date: 2019-03-11
Participants: Tilmann, Nick, Bruno, Sebastian

1. Last week review

write down some words or a paragraph about stuff you did related to the project

  • Place wall improvements, added filter on group pickups page (Tilmann)
  • Slowly pushing conflict resolution towards first public testing… (Tilmann)
  • Finished going through usability tests and writing down topics: https://pad.disroot.org/p/karrot-usability-feedback (Tilmann)
  • Added maintenance page (Nick)
  • Comments/feedback on constitution draft (2 weeks ago) (Bruno)
  • Ideas for improvement of topics from usability test (2 weeks ago) (Bruno)
  • Improved event management skillz for the BK volunteer introduction (Sebastian)
  • Booked planning meeting with BK on Saturday (Sebastian)

2. Up this week

  • Deploy master to production (Tilmann, Nick)
  • Merge conflict resolution to master (Tilmann)
  • more reading and writing in the community forum (Tilmann)
  • publish ideas to resolve usability feedback problems (Tilmann)
  • continue writing vision for karrot (Bruno)
  • process/read/comment/feedback more on constitution (Nick, Bruno, Tilmann)
  • plan volunteer introduction with BK on Saturday (Sebastian)
  • include an evaluation of explanations of Karrot for new users (Sebastian)
  • write up my thoughts on solutions to problems surfaced from usability tests (Nick)

3. Discussion

project-related topics that you’d like to discuss with other participants. Positions and outcomes should be noted down during the meeting