Weekly meeting 11 feb


Date: 2019-02-11
Participants: Bruno, Sebastian, Janina, Tilmann, Nick

1. Last week review

write down some words or a paragraph about stuff you did related to the project

  • more writing about the Bike Kitchens in Gothenburg and how they use and could use Karrot (Bruno)
  • comprehensive list of notifications and suggestion to improve them (Bruno)
  • usability test and recorded chat with Bike Kitchen user (Sebastian, Bruno)
  • meeting with BK about their volunteer education/introduction, found volunteers from their board to help out with that (Sebastian)
  • make another production release, contains improved topbar (Tilmann)
  • implemented basic store/place subscriptions and wrote up discussion points: https://github.com/yunity/karrot-frontend/issues/986#issuecomment-459448466 and below (Tilmann)
  • implemented open pickup conversations and deployed them to dev.karrot.world (Tilmann)
  • went through all github issues, did some housekeeping and updated the roadmap file (Janina, Tilmann)
  • usability tests with Disa and Olof transcribed completely (Janina)
  • Waved parents off at station (Nick)
  • Got the store renamed to place finally! (deployed to beta) (Nick)
  • Draft constitution (currently just getting feedback from Janina/Tilmann, then will share wider) (Nick)

2. Up this week

write down what you want to do for the project in the next 7 days

  • translation review (Bruno)
  • find someone to do usability tests with mobile (Bruno)
  • feedback for the UI of store conversations (Bruno)
  • one more usability test with BK user on Thursday (Bruno, Sebastian)
  • continue with conflict resolution feature (Janina, Tilmann, Nick)
  • finish first version of place conversations & subscriptions deploy to dev.karrot.world (Tilmann)
  • write a forum post about place subscriptions (Tilmann)
  • reply to the forum post about spring roadmap (Tilmann)
  • read Karrot coop constitution draft (Tilmann)
  • read through usability test transcriptions (Tilmann, Bruno)
  • transcription of usability tests with Carl and Fabienne (Janina)
  • progress thoughts/concept about generalization next steps (Nick)

3. Discussion

project-related topics that you’d like to discuss with other participants. Positions and outcomes should be noted down during the meeting

  • topbar, settings
  • conflict resolution
  • usability concepts