Notes from call with Nick 2018/10/06


Following notes were written by Nick… >>>

Call 6th October 2018 - Nick and Bruno (Tilmann and Janina had dodgy connection so had to leave)

Topic is how to progress karrot for the use case of bike kitchens and how to handle potential funding for this use case. Main uses for karrot for the bike kitchen group are:
• basic communication features
• co-ordinating working shifts
• decide who will open up the shop, etc.
Less commonly, or more in the future, would be bicycle pickups (with a wide variation of pickup locations and times - not regular/scheduled).

The background to the funding is there was a bunch of funding available (~200kEUR) for funding bike kitchens around Gothenburg, but it got stuck in an overly bureaucratic process. They are focusing on smaller grants now with less bureaucracy. They are trying it out now with the existing featureset, and Bruno will hold a workshop in two
weeks to get more feedback. The main expected developments to support the bike kitchen usecase are:
• branding / image / theming (see brunos experiment here) (see #676)
• generalization of stores/pickups to use for meetings/opening/lockup/etc (see #354)
• possibly “pickups” having a start+end date (see #709)
• a way to have conversations with just the members who are part of the board of the organisation
• (with much less importance) peer to peer pickups - possibly such that the person from the “store” (in this case a housing company trying to get the bikes taken) can put items to pickup on the platform directly (see #672) - in reality email is fine for this purpose at the moment

The topic to have seperate private chats for board members is tricky as we don’t really have any way to represent external organisation roles inside the application yet. I wondered if roles could just be self-assignable and we just rely on the good nature of humans. Another alternative is general private chats with arbitary people, but I am not so keen on this as it can be used to create random unofficial power structures. There might be more options too. The final application deadline is mid-november, but would aim to have it all ready and prepared by end of October. We chatted about how to manage a seperately hosted instance - either add it into our yuca configuration, or offload it to someone more local (the bike kitchen has some budget to cover costs at least…). I would be interested to streamline the process to configure deployments of it over time so have some interest in either of these. I want it to be easy to have multiple deployments. We also talked about how future feature requests could be handled. To me it’s divided into two categories:

  1. things that are general purpose features and likely useful for any karrot group
  2. things that are specific to the bike kitchen use case

For 2 it would be possible to create seperate modules to handle more specific aspects, but would also be good to consider how we can scale the development team so as not to increase the burden (specifically for Tilmann) to maintain an ever growing codebase. On the money side of things Bruno’s organisation (can’t spell it!) can receive the money, and we can invoice him for any services. We can then concern ourselves with the internal distribution of money independently. My sole trader freelance business seems acceptable for this purpose, but perhaps an more-EU-based entity could be useful? Maybe we get a karrot entity for that purpose anyhow.

In general the vibe is to not be too ambitious, try and use/abuse existing features where possible, and focus on longer term sustainability of the project, not jumping at short term opportunities. Next steps are to:
• write up these notes :slight_smile:
• post them to slack somewhere
• Bruno/Tomasz will continue existing tests with the group
• Tilmann and Janina will probably give some feedback and we maybe have another call when they have a good connection
• Bruno has the workshop in two weeks to get further feedback
• if proceeding, application should be completed by end of October