Meeting 21 March and next steps


Agnese, Amina and I met at Vegagatan to discuss the project. We talked about so many subjects that I now have a hard time recollecting everything, but here’s what’s left in my memory and from my quick notes:

We told Amina how things went during the hackaton (she was sick and could not attend). Agnese made a point about how we could continue by doing more user research, like surveys with the people sharing on facebook groups (check out this survey I started working on a while ago).

I suggested we start by creating a visual identity for the website with a logo, (which is already sketched), fonts, colors, etc and Amina suggested we try some pictures that get a feeling of how diverse Gothenburg is. A very good and funny idea was to make a parody and doodle on top of the official city planning vision for the future. That is to be part of a promo-website. In this website we’d present the concept and story behind this sharing platform and its mock-up. This is a good way to bring more talented people to participate in the project and eventually when applying for financing.

Agnese is interested in working on the graphics and Amina has suggested a number of people and organizations to contact, either for sponsorship or to attract people with the skills we need.

I also mentioned how developers of Karrot also have the long-term ambition of turning Karrot into this multisharing platform and how we’ll be able to develop a prototype already this year if we get a grant I applied to.

When will we have the next meeting?